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Recycling is provided for Springdale Township residents through participation in the County recycling program. A drop-off location is located at the Springdale Township Hall (corner of Glovers Lake and Healy Lake Roads). The site is open 24 hours/day/7days/week for your convenience.

Drop off locations are also located in the Villages of Kaleva and Copemih. Springdale residents are welcome to recycle at these sites in addition to the other County locations.


Items recyclable at 24/7 drop off locations:


  • Clean glass bottles and jars
  • Steel and tin cans; Aluminum foil and cans; empty aerosol cans
  • Co-mingled cardboard and paper. Please use PCA trailers whenever possible
  •  #'s 1 - 7 plastic. Check the bottom. The number is most often found on the bottom of a container. It will be in a triangle. If there is not a triangle with a number on the bottom it is not recyclable in our bins.


If items other the above are placed in the County bins, it is contamination. Contaminated loads will be landfilled. Please do not place Styrofoam in the recycling bins.


Through a generous donation by Packaging Corporation of America (PCA), students earn money for school programs when cardboard is recycled in the school trailers.  Trailers are located at schools throughout Manistee County. They are located at the Betsie Valley School and Onekama Township Hall recycling sites. Please help fund student programming by recycling cardboard in the trailers.


Questions about what to do with an item? Call the toll-free No Waste Hotline, 855-2goZero


Thank you for Recycling!





This page last updated on 2/21/2019.
Springdale Township, Manistee County, Michigan